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Cette propriété est de type Texte.

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Culture bureaucratique +'''TO DISCARD''': Narrate a full cycle of play as a bureaucrat would.  +
Efficacité +'''TO DISCARD''': Allow all players to campaign 1 extra <em class="project">project</em> each turn in this cycle.  +
Expansive Joy +'''DISCARD''' to reclaim the last <em class="action">Action</em> card played.  +
Fuegoooo +'''TO DISCARD''': Campaign with one of your <em class="project">projects</em>.  +
Hétérosexisme +'''TO DISCARD''': Block campaigning projects that influence people until you've claimed 3 <em class="people">people</em> IP for yourself.  +
Individualisme +'''TO DISCARD''': Claim for yourself every <em class="project">project</em> at the end of a campaign.  +
Les besoins - collaboration +'''TO DISCARD''': Immediatly join another player's campaign with all of your projects.  +
Les besoins - conflit +'''TO DISCARD''': Campaign against the <em class="project">Project</em> of a fellow player and neutralize it.  +
Logique académique +'''TO DISCARD''': Block 2 <em class="action">action</em> cards, then add them in your hand.  +
Mindful Relating +'''TO DISCARD''': Use this card to get a player rid of an <em class="attitude">attitude</em> card.  +
Résignation +'''TO DISCARD''': Place all <em class="people">People</em> resources on the table in your play area.  +
Trust +'''TO DISCARD''': Immediately place all the cards in your hand in other player's play area for free.  +