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This page is a translated version of the page Générique and the translation is 100% complete.

A Métacollab Montréal project


Matthieu Rhéaume
Raphaële Gosselin Payment
Christian Valin
Vanessa Duong
Zachary Pratt

Graphic Design

Kinga Michalska
Matthieu Rhéaume

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This publication was made possible by the financial support of the Fondation Charles Léopold Meyer.

Contributors (WSF 2016)

Alain Ambrosi
Amandine Mourgue
Andrea Caro Gomez
Antoine Lévy
Antonin Calderon
Béatrice David
Benjamin Folch
Christian Vallin
Claudel Xavier
Ellen Friedman
Frederic Sultan
Gabrielle Chartier
Gaelle Krikorian
Guillaume Coulombe
ianik Marcil
Jasmine Gareau Lindsay
John Pozzi
Kevin Flanagan
Lucille Ottolimi
Marc-Antoine Parent
Matthieu Rhéaume
Nicole Leonard
Olivier Rechauchere
Raphaële Gosselin Payment
Robert Daoust
Roy Sage
Silke Helfrich
Sylvia Saake
Valérie Jacques-Bélair
Vanessa Duong
Yannick Baraban
Yves Otis
Angela Miles
Alexandre Boulet
Anthony Jones
Busra Soylemez
Camille Bardon
Claudia Gomez Portugal
Delinas Chantal
Elisabetta Cangelosi
Guillaume Picard
Jason Nardi
Jessica Roland
Manuel Guzman
Marcelo Solervicens
Pascale Delille
Stephanie Rearick